Automated product photography solutions


Cut costs, streamline your workflow with automated photography

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To get a web-ready packshot With the automatically removed background. No further post-production required.


Products captured every day Using one device, with 7 images per product, without compromising the quality.


Independence Eliminate outsourcing and logistics, all images prepared in-house.

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How it works?

Orbitvu solutions in action

Watch the video to discover how to speed up visual content production using our automated product photography solutions.

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Customer stories

See how automated product photography improves workflows in different companies

Sara / Photographer & Videographer at CLX Europe

For my job, it's essential to shoot with the perfect tools, have total control of the lights and have the possibility to recreate it for every product. Orbitvu is perfect for doing so, both for photography and video.

Susanne Visholm / Marketing Specialist, Wareco

Our customers need good quality product pictures and we deliver them with Orbitvu. We used to take pictures ourselves and it took 20 minutes to produce one. With Orbitvu it takes us about 3-5 minutes to get quality pictures without any background.

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